Sunday, March 18, 2012

Common Core Standards Posters - Roundup

Back in October, I started making Common Core Standards posters at the request of colleague of mine. Since then, I've made posters for grades K - 8. Since fifth was the grade I started on, the posters went through a lot of "prototyping" at that stage. So I have a total of four different options for that grade. I have two different options for fourth. But the time I started working on third grade posters, I had the format nailed down.

All the different choices get a little confusing sometimes, even to me. So I've organized them all here into one list.

Fifth Grade Posters - Five different backgrounds
Fifth Grade Posters - Illustrated - English Language Arts
Fifth Grade Posters - Illustrated - Math
Fifth Grade Posters - Illustrated - Math and English Language Arts Combined
Fourth Grade Posters - (not illustrated)
Fourth Grade Posters - Illustrated
Third Grade Posters - Illustrated

In summer 2012, I finished these grades! Yipee!

Second Grade Posters - Illustrated
First Grade Posters - Illustrated 
Kindergarten Posters - Illustrated

And not to forget the big kids!
Sixth Grade Posters - Illustrated 
Seventh Grade Posters - Illustrated  
Eighth Grade Posters - Illustrated

The difference between "illustrated" and everything else is: in the illustrated posters, the concept or learning goal of each standard is "visualized" with a graphic, like in the examples below.