Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Themes, Themes, Classroom Themes! Pirates, Surfers, Monsters and Rock Stars

It could be the set up of a silly classroom joke - "A pirate, surfer, monster, and a rock star walk into a classroom..."

Now back to the original purpose of this post: an update! New freebies!  Over the summer, I finished four teacher-requested themes for displaying the common core standards in your classroom. The themes are designed to work with my common core standard posters, but you can use them with your own display system as well. They would work with any type of display that has the standard written or typed on an 11" x 4-1/4 inch sheet (half a piece of paper).

Like all my common core standards posters four first grade through eighth, all the parts of these themes can be printed on standard, letter size paper. The themes can be downloaded from my TPT and Teachers Notebook stores.

If you use one of them, please consider leaving a comment! Thanks and have a happy new school year!


Surf - Ocean - Beach Theme

Rock Star Theme

Pirate Theme

Monster Theme
P.S. The clip art for the monster and beach themes is from the creative genius of KPM Doodles. The font I used on the pirate them is a free font called "Buzzsaw."