Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Meet the Teacher Team Linky Party

Hello!  We are excited to meet some teams of teachers who blog and author their own teaching tools. Thank you to Lisa Stephens at Created for Learning for putting this together.

Teacher Galaxy is a husband and wife venture. Christine taught Environmental Science in the past, before the kids were born, and plans to get back to it again in the near future. I teach and have taught Language and Visual Arts in middle and high school for the past ten years.

We are both big sci-fi fans. One of our first bonding experiences was watching the TV series Firefly. Christine turned me on to it. I had never heard of it. We rented and watched the whole season in less than a week. It was a unique, fun series with lots of memorable characters. We both wish it had lasted longer than one season!

Where did you meet?
We met online. The first time we met in person was at a sushi restaurant in San Francisco called Tokyo Go Go. Fr our recent seventh wedding anniversary, we went there again for dinner!

Who does what?
I do lesson planning and product creation and Christine does marketing like pinning, Facebook updates, notes to followers, etc. Since the birth of our second child, Christine has been less active with the business but she still gets plenty done during nap time!

What do enjoy most about your partnership?
The thing I enjoy most about the partnership is, well, the partnership! It's fun and exciting to be building something together.

Do you have nicknames for each other?
Honey and honey. (I know, not very creative.)

What is your teaching theme song?
When I'm in the classroom, I often find myself humming "So Fresh and So Clean," by Outkast. Especially if I'm having a really successful lesson. "Ain't nobody dope like me," students!

If you could dress-up to go somewhere, what would you wear and where would you go?
That's easy. Comic Con. I would dress as a Stormtrooper. Christine would dress as Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Which do you prefer, cookies, brownies, or neither?
Both of us: Cookies. Especially if they are from Anthony's Cookies. We love your cookies, Anthony!

Name something you've created that you love using in your classroom?
I love using my Greek and Latin Roots Mnemonic Unit.