Friday, March 16, 2012

Greek Roots Visual Flash Cards - Print Version

These flash cards are unique and fun because they are full of  high-quality images and to help your students build meaningful and lasting mental connections. Instead of showing a root and asking students for the meaning, you show an image or animation, and students associate that image or animation with a Greek stem.

For example, you show a card with an image of a rainbow. Students look at the rainbow and think, "Rainbow, colors...chrom!" They associate the rainbow with the Greek root chrom. A lasting mental connection is made.

The flash cards can be used as word walls or for a variety of matching activities. You can keep the answer and the image on separate pieces of card stock, and have students match a root to the image.

Another alternative is to pass out images to half the class, and roots to the other half. Then tell students to get go around the room and find the person who has the image that matches their root. Or hang them on the walls as a colorful display to inspire and educate.

Part one is free. Download it and give it a try.

This is a two part series. 

Greek Roots Visual Flash Cards - Part 1 - ANTI-COSM-FREE 

Greek Roots Visual Flash Cards - Part 2 - CRACY-ZOO

The two parts cover these Greek stems.

  1. anti-against, opposite
  2. aristo-best
  3. astro-star
  4. auto-self
  5. bi-two
  6. bio-life
  7. chrom-color
  8. chron-time
  9. cine/kine-motion
  10. cosm-universe, world, order
  11. cracy-type of government
  12. crat-member of a type of government
  13. cycl-circle, wheel
  14. dem-people
  15. derm/derma-skin
  16. inside-power
  17. endo-inside
  18. epi-on top of, over
  19. ethno-race, nationality
  20. exo-outside
  21. gen/geno-birth, race, produce
  22. geo-earth
  23. gon-angle
  24. graph/gram-picture
  25. gyn-woman
  26. hemi/semi-half
  27. hydro-water
  28. hyper-over, too much, a lot
  29. hypo-under, not enough
  30. legis-law, legal
  31. litho-stone
  32. mania-madness
  33. mech-machine
  34. mega-big
  35. met/meta-above, over, higher, beyond
  36. meter-measure of
  37. micro-small
  38. mon/mono-one
  39. morph-shape, form
  40. necro-dead, death, corpse
  41. neo-new, young
  42. octo-eight
  43. ologist/ology-one who studies/the study of
  44. pan-all, every
  45. path-suffering, disease
  46. penta-five
  47. phil-love
  48. phobia-fear
  49. phon/phono-sound
  50. photo-light
  51. phyll-green, leaf
  52. phys-body/nature
  53. pod/ped-foot
  54. polis-city/civilization
  55. poly-many
  56. proto-first
  57. pseudo-fake
  58. psych-mind
  59. pyro-fire
  60. scope-watch, see
  61. soph-wisdom
  62. spher/sphero-sphere, ball, layer of gas
  63. tech/techni-skill, craft
  64. tele-distance
  65. tetra-four
  66. theo-god, religion
  67. therm-heat
  68. thesis-position
  69. tri-three
  70. zo/zoo-animal
In these sets of flash cards, you will find three or more images provided for every root, which allows you to use the cards again and again, practicing the same roots over and over, without boring the kids with the same images they have already seen before. There are enough choices that you will never show the exact same combination of images twice unless you want to. Another reason I provide more than one image per root is that some roots, like cosm or phys, have more than one meaning, so it is important to reinforce all the meanings. Also, having three or more images allows you to tailor the PowerPoint to your students' maturity and schema.