Monday, May 6, 2013

Sci Fi Classrooms - 5 Ways Learning Happens in Distant Galaxies and Imagined Futures

This week, FASTCOMPANY released their list of the top 10 most innovative companies in education. The companies on the list are exploring cutting edge, hi-tech ways to revolutionize learning. It inspired me to compile my own list of gee-whiz learning from movies, books, TV, and the not too distant future. Here it is:

Five alternative modes of education from science fiction (and one from the no so distant future)

Star Trek: Vulcan Learning Pits (They are way cooler than the name implies.)

The Matrix "virtual reality learning."

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy. Where Kirk and crew received their training. Looks like a heckuva nice place to go to school. Located in San Francisco's Presidio.

Image Credit: Perpetual Games


Dagobah (Where Yoda teaches Luke the ways of the Force.)

The EXO U EXO Desk This is the real one. Looks promising if it works the way they say it does.