Thursday, May 9, 2013

California Common Core Standards - State Additions for Kinder, Second, and Fourth Grade Finished!

At my school and across parts of California, Seattle and New York, there's a movement afoot to delay teach the standards before students are tested on them. I won't weigh in on the issue at the moment, but I'll say that it seems reasonable. At my school, we are implementing the standards next year, but we're still considering whether the testing will take place or not. Among other things, there's concern that the technological requirements of the CCS assessments can't be met. Apparently, the tests will be computer-based. Although we have a pretty well-equipped school technologically (fast internet, several computer labs), the prospect of high stakes testing dependent on ALL the labs up and running when and where they are needed is a bit daunting.
testing students based on the Common Core standards. Teachers want more time to

Meanwhile, our state Secretary of Education Tom Torlakson just yesterday gave his two cents worth on the Common Core and state testing in California. His take: resist the urge to delay the tests.

In other, less serious, more colorful, and just plain fun California Common Core developments, I finished making posters for the California additions to the Common Core Standards for kindergarten, second grade, and fourth grade. These additions supplement my illustrated CCS posters.

Kindergarten -  11 additonal posters - 8 Language Arts and 3 Math
Second Grade - 8 additional posters - 5 Language Arts and 3 Math
Fourth Grade - 9 additional posters - 6 Language Arts and 2 Math

As always, if you need additional posters for your state's Common Core, don't hesitate to contact me. You can leave a comment here on the blog, contact me through my store, or email me at