Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Update

I love summer! This June, between trips with my wife and our four year old daughter to Gilroy Gardens, Children's Fairy Land in Oakland, and the playgrounds around the city, I've finished posters for three more grades, and a couple of free, teacher-requested themes.

Grade 1 Illustrated Common Core Standards Posters 
Grade 2 Illustrated Common Core Standards Posters
Grade 6 Illustrated Common Core Standards Posters 

Common Core Standards Posters - Rock Star Theme
Common Core Standards Posters - Pirate Theme

Baby number two is due in mid-July, so I'm racing against the clock to finish Kindergarten and Grades 7 and 8 before she arrives.

Below are a few posters from the first, second, and sixth grades. There are about a eighty illustrations in each poster kit. Some of it I created myself. Most of it I made by combining clip art from different sources. All of the art is used according to the terms of its creators. No art is used without permission.

I've made an effort to include plenty of ethnic and gender diversity. Some of the standards have more than one option to choose from.